Our work

We think we have built some pretty awesome things. Here are some examples of our core capabilities in the wild.

IMRSV Data Labs

IMRSV Data Labs

Our technology has its own home. We do custom projects, work, and APIs for companies who have Natural Language Understanding and NLP problems. Our expertise at solving extractive and generative problems in the legal industry has led us to look beyond the legal industry and to help build everything from prototypes to large scale semantic search applications. We have used our expertise at unsupervised clustering, labeling and summarization to produce powerful results for companies across industries. 


Compass is a legal research product. We built compass using elastic search. Compass showcases our ever expanding capability to extract information from unstructured text and leverage it to classify documents, identify key topics, and draft summaries of the information. 



Thistoo is the world's first comprehensive automated divorce platform. Utilizing our expertise in natural language processing and information extraction we built a product that automatically takes a user through the divorce process - start to finish.

Whether a user is generating their own separation agreement or comparing their situation to historical cases natural language processing and machine learning play a major role in the continued success of Thistoo.